MLG Series Suspension

MLG Series Suspension

New this year, our beautiful two-lane double deck MLG suspension bridge (modified lattice girder) - for trains, slot cars and display. Run two-lane rail on the lower deck for example, while reserving the top deck for automobile traffic.

Using our advanced lighting options you can illuminate both upper and lower decks, add beautiful architectural lights and more. With our optional multi-channel dimmer and power supply (or DCC compatible decoder for digital control), you may individually control six or more lighting features such as pole-mount, flood or collision-avoidance lights.


With detailed instructions, this kit is easy to build yet challenging enough to be fun to assemble.

The MLG Double Deck Suspension Bridge can display a level of realism never before seen on a commercially available model.

Add as many tower segments as necessary.

Currently available in N scale only. HO Rail and Slot Car coming soon.

Includes optional anchorage support-piers

Also see Lighting Options

For ages 12 and up

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GCS-CSD30SP-NZ Support Pier for MLG Suspension Only 5 left in stock.