Customer Comments

Philip from Maryland

"Super piece... I'm amazed at how nice looking this custom made bridge is".

Lau from Japan
"Very nice mantel piece. Great job and speedy shipment. Thanks."

Cameron from Texas
"Bridge looks amazing, thank you!!"

Allen from Montana

"I love this bridge, great detail".


Tim from North Carolina

"These bridges are awesome. I am blown away - seriously!!! What I like about the GCS bridges are that they don't look like they are made out of the same cookie mold. They stand on their own showing balance and craftsmanship. I am going to be using a set of 5 buildings that are tall skyscrapers from the 1930's. These bridges will compliment my visions. Excellent custom made bridges".

Gabe from Texas

"Superb customer service!!! Incredible product. Very, very happy with experience!"


Brit from Michigan

"The O scale display case looks beautiful and arrived in perfect condition thanks to your careful packaging. Great service. Could you please make me a second one?"


George from Arizona

"The 60" double track suspension bridge is truly magnificent. I am very pleased"

Dr. Divo from Texas

"Delightful, perfect and unusual"

James from Maryland

"What do you call this...  perfection!  Love the display track and can't wait to see my Allegheny sitting on it. I just got a Big Boy too so you know what that  Exactly as described – five star"


Michael from Australia

"Great price, great item and awesome help - well done".

Mike from Canada

"Awesome bridge – thank you!"

David from Texas

"Will look great with my layout"

Darin from New York

"Great bridges – great seller!"

Ted from Maryland

"Love it. Thank you. It's now on my layout. Looks great"


Patrice from New Jersey

"Cool bridge!...Thank you very much... will shop again soon"

Raymond from Pennsylvania

"Great product and price"


David from California

"Bridge is terrific!"

Tom from Texas

"A wonderful addition to my train layout. Great buying experience! Fast delivery"

Michael from Oregon

"Looking forward to installing on my rail layout! Thanks"


Euroman from Canada

"Excellent model!"